Our Mission

We transform trade fairs to release untapped potential to all stakeholders by taking a green, lean and data-driven approach

The four components

Transformative trade fair solutions

Mixie is committed to changing the way the industry has been doing things. We work with our partners to change the value proposition of fairs and help them compete against other rising marketing and sales propositions.

Data driven

Data is at the core of all our processes. Our solutions help make the most out of trade fairs by using data to build the most valuable experience to all stakeholders while protecting their privacy. We also use data to feed a continuous improvement of our solutions to support the development of our industry.

Releasing untapped potential to all stakeholders

Mixie, we believe in win-win solutions that help us increase the value pool to all stakeholders. For this reason we only sell solutions that have direct revenue generating potential. If clients cannot generate revenue with our tool, we don’t charge for it. This philosophy and business model ensures we are fully aligned with our client’s success.


We are big believers in the positive impact of trade fairs. Through trade and development, globalization has led to the highest levels of prosperity in human history. This was built on the connections generated through trade fairs. At Mixie, we want to create positive impact by helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint and advance sustainable global development.


One team

At Mixie we believe in the power of caring and open communication. Our notion of One Team speaks to our bond as a team, the openness of our culture and our pride in our work. We are a very flat organization where everyone is empowered to take ownership of their work and challenge assumptions to improve our product and processes. One Team allows us to build a strong culture that cares for its people and invests in them on both a professional and personal level.

Green & Lean

Our business is all about creating the most value for all stakeholders. This means helping care for the environment that we all live in and minimizing the impact of our industry while making sure we get every bit of value out of the resources we do consume.


If we don’t disrupt ourselves, someone else will. We are always open to feedback and encourage anyone to voice ideas no matter how wild they might seem in order to make sure we are ahead of the game. Mixie only allocates resources to projects that have the potential to be disruptive and value-enhancing.

Customer mindset

Mixie thrives through partnership and was born from listening to the challenges of visitors, exhibitors and organizers. The integration of these perspectives into our processes is a core component of how we operate. We encourage the industry to join us in conversations about future disruptions.

The team

Leyre Lekuona

Leyre Lekuona

Specialist in business strategy and marketing

She previously spent 10 years in Daimler-Benz working on its trade fair participation and over 15 years advising industrial goods companies on marketing and strategic topics.

Pablo Polzer

Pablo Polzer

Strategy and finance

Previously worked in strategy and finance roles at Bain & Company and Deutsche Börse. He is a Yale School of Management MBA Silver Scholar and earned a double degree in international relations and sociology at the University of Leeds.

Diego Martín-Serrano

Diego Martín-Serrano

Full-stack developer focused on app platforms

Diego comes from directing the technical development of the start-up SOMA Analytics, where he was the first employee, until its sale. Previously, he also worked at Indra.

Andrew McDonough

Andrew McDonough

Full stack developer

Focused on web with experience of 15 years at Atos and 4 years at T-Systems, among others. During his time with these companies, he built social platforms for the European Commission and designed the treasury platform for Daimler to name a few.

Itziar Mozo

Itziar Mozo

UX/UI designer

UX/UI designer with experience in leading Spanish digital agencies like Grey or Adecco group working on UI/UX projects for clients including Pantene, Orange and Real Madrid, among others. Itziar studied design & marketing at European University of Madrid.

Mark Holland

Mark Holland

Full stack developer focused on app platforms

Full stack developer focused on app platforms. Mark comes from working in leading startups like Jupiter mobile and in tech-consulting with Red Badger, where he worked on projects for the financial industry. Mark studied computer engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

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