Mixie solutions

Data is the key

MIXIE focuses on the most valuable asset of a trade fair:

  • The connection between exhibitors and visitors that can lead to commercial success for both.
  • We generate data that supports this by collecting the interests shown by individual visitors in specific products and offering it to exhibitors.
  • This process adds sizable value to exhibitors and offers a new revenue stream to organizers.

Business Intelligence Package

Mixie takes value generation a step further with its Mixie Business Intelligence Package offered to exhibitors after trade fair.

Trade fairs, congresses and events are at the core of customer acquisition. However, their low level of digitalization makes lead-building a challenging task left solely to sales managers who scramble to take the market’s pulse and build their sales pipeline.

At Mixie Digital, we look for more efficient ways to complement this effort and widen the sales funnel.

Trade fair participation ROI

Sales and marketing managers are increasingly looking for quantifiable results to demonstrate internally the ROI of attendance.

The current system makes it difficult to directly attribute increased investment with better results.

At Mixie Digital we help stakeholders bring quantitative data to a previously qualitative argument.

MIXIE PLATFORM is an infrastructure solution that allows organizers to stay at the top of digital developments without the hassle and costs.