• Generate quality sales
    leads to add directly into
    your sales funnel

  • Know what your customers
    are interested in

  • Mixie is the strategic partner
    for Exhibition Organizers

Mixie helps you level up your sales

Say your company needs to generate sales leads.

You have been tasked to figure out how to let potential customers know about your company and products, and convert them into sales leads. The first part is straightforward, show your products at a fair, publish a newsletter or organize a webinar.

Now you have them interested, but have you thought about how to convert this into sales leads? Mixie does this for you! Make sure you share your marketing materials through our platform and you will save on costs, increase customer satisfaction and convert everyone into sales leads, plus you get to learn about your market along the way!



Mixie has taken the tried and tested QR code technology and upgraded it to meet the needs of businesses. You can generate Mixie Points for each one of your products and upload to them all the materials you want to share. Place the Mixie Points where you want to share the information and learn who is looking at it and what they are interested in. Mixie Points are a dynamic tool where you can keep the information up to date and make sure all your customers only have the newest materials available.

OUR product

Generate data, cut costs and build
the best customer experience

Upload all your content to different Mixie Points

Place these Mixie Points on your points of delivery. Imagine pamphlets, showrooms or the bottom right corner during a webinar, for example.

Users can access the content by scanning the Mixie Points

Users scan these Mixie Points with their phones and get access to the information on our Webapp. From here they can open it, share it, review it, favorite it, download it…
and make the best use of this information.

Generate sales leads

You will get a complete list of all the potential customers that took interest in the Mixie Points and what exactly they took interest in.

Receive business intelligence based
on user interest

We provide you with analytics to understand what this teaches you about your market and product interest. After that it’s up to you to follow up!

OUR solution

Sales leads and analytics

  • Complete sales lead database with customer profiles and what they were interested in.

  • Report with user analytics on your market: understand in aggregate what customer segments are interested in your Mixie Points and what you can learn from this.

  • Success metrics to inform the performance of your action.

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