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Mixie Points

Mixie is a business intelligence platform composed of a WebApp for cuctomersand a platform for companies. The Mixie Point technology is an improved version of the tried and tested QR code technology that we have modified to cater to business’s needs. Companies generate Mixie Points on the platform by uploading all the information it wants to share with its customers on a specific product or service. The documents can be in as many formats and languages as available. Mixie Points should be placed in visible spaces on customer contact platforms.

Customers access the Mixie WebApp to scan Mixie Points and access the information they contain. From them, a scanned Mixie Point is represented as a folder in the document management area of the WebApp. Mixie Points are grouped by company. They can manage the information by sharing it, changing languages, favoriting it… Providing a very convenient way to handle the material.

Mixie provides companies with detailed databases and reports on the interest generated by their products and services: the Mixie Business Intelligence Package.

For Business

How do I get started creating a Mixie Point?

To create a Mixie Point you need to first be signed up and have chosen a type of license or access through one of our partners. Then enter the web platform at business.mixiedigital.com. From there, select the project (or create a project) you want to generate Mixie Points for and you will reach the Mixie Point management page. Here you can create Mixie Points by clicking on “Create a Mixie Point”. 

Once in the Mixie Point creation screen, give the Mixie Point a title.You will want the title to be relevant to the customer as they will see this when they scan it. Then add only one language version of each document by dragging and dropping it in the field to the top right. Mixie supports the handling of various languages from within a single Mixie Point. If you have a file with multiple translations, please hold off on adding them all and instead add just one of them in this step (no need for all files you upload here to be the same language). 

Now these files will be uploaded and appear in the “Files” section below. Under each file there is another box that says “drag and drop”. Now you can add the other languages available for that file here. Once you have added the other languages make sure to label what language each file is in. Each file in a group must be of a different language.

What language will customers see when they first open a file?

Customers will see the documents in their own language, if it is not available then in english. In the case where their own language and english are not available then the first uploaded document will be shown. In any case they are free to select a different language from within the platform.

I am getting an error when uploading files to a Mixie Point.

Most of the time when you have an error the system will notify you. When a file fails to upload it will display a red circle with a cross in it so you can remove it and re-upload it. In case no message pops up but you see that some files are taking too long to upload or the system is slow to respond the issue may lay in your internet connection or browser. Try restarting your computer or accessing the platform with a more stable connection.

What type of file can I upload to a Mixie Point?

The Mixie Points support any type of file except .ZIP, .RAR, .TORRENT, .EXE and .APK for security reasons. Hence free to create your Mixie Points with all the content you want!

Is there a limit to the number of Mixie Points I can generate?

Different licenses will have different restrictions on the number of projects and Mixie Points per project that can be generated. We want users to take full advantage of the benefits that our solution brings so if you feel like you need a bespoke license get in touch at: customer@mixiedigital.com.

How can I edit a Mixie Point?

In the Mixie Point management area select the pen symbol positioned second to the right. Once selected it will lead you to the same tab where you created it to edit the Mixie Point. When you are done click on “Save” and the changes will be kept. 

*Remember when editing a Mixie Point that upon clicking “Save” all users that have already scanned the Mixie Point will also see the information they have available updated.

Where can I download my Mixie Points?

In the Mixie Point management area, where you land after clicking on a project, you can mark the check boxes on the left hand side of each Mixie Point you want to download and then click on “Export Mixie Points” to download them.

How can I best utilize Mixie Points?

Mixie Points are a very versatile tool that can be leveraged in a large variety of situations but a few guidelines apply for most cases. 

The process starts with the generation of Mixie Points. When creating Mixie Points it is tempting to create one per product, item or point of interest. However, in some cases you may consider to use Mixie Points in a more detailed manner to generate specific business intelligence. Do you want to test the market for a specific new feature? Then consider generating two Mixie Points to test the interest for a product with and without the new feature. Is your product one that includes many variations? Identify key elements and separate those into different Mixie Points to understand the market dynamics around these. With their flexibility, Mixie Points are an extraordinary market prospecting tool!

There are also best practices to drive adoption of Mixie Points by customers. Mixie Points are best integrated into very visible elements like an information banner, an advertisement, a presentation or on a product. To make this as seamless as possible for customers include the Mixie Points into the very design of these elements! 

When it comes to size, we have designed the technology behind the Mixie Points to support very small as well very large scales. Hence in most cases you shouldn’t worry about this. However, always consider the distance at which your users will have to scan the Mixie Point. As a general rule, we recommend not to go smaller than 3 x 3 cm (1.2 x 1.2x inches or 115 x 115 pixels).

What is a project?

The Mixie Point solution has a wide variety of uses and our customers use it in everything from webinars to newsletters and trade fairs. Each one of these occasions we consider a project. Mixie Points are generated within projects. Our business intelligence is generated on a project by project basis.

How can I create a project?

Projects can only be created and edited if you have purchased a license. If you click on “Project list” in the top left side of the header you will arrive in the projects screen. Click on “Create a project” to create a new one, fill in the name of your project and then click on “Create”. Now you can select it from the Project list and start creating Mixie Points!

How can I access the Business Intelligence?

The Business Intelligence section of the web platform shows the data generated from your Mixie Points in a specific project. You can download your sales lead database and report from here. In the case that you are using Mixie through a partner, you will be able to select and purchase your business intelligence package here.

Can I use the contacts in the databases for commercial and marketing actions?

 Yes, the data generated can be used to follow up on an interaction. Once you have reached out the relationship is in your hands. Hence if a potential customer shows interest in a specific product or service you can follow up in this regard. The information generated cannot be used to spam the potential customer with unrequested communications.

Can I get any further analysis on my data?

At Mixie we work hard to continuously improve our data offerings. If you have a specific data point you would like or analysis done let us know and we might well be able to provide it! Give us feedback at support@mixiedigital.com.

How can I upgrade my license?

You can change the license you are on from the settings menu. If you have any questions on the licenses feel free to contact our friendly customer team at: customer@mixiedigital.com

I am having billing issues, what can I do?

For matters regarding the billing of the license or business intelligence packages please reach out to our support team and we will strive to resolve them as soon as possible. 

Email our support team at: support@mixiedigital.com

How can I delete my company account?

Before you take this step we would kindly request you let us know if we could offer support to resolve any issues you might be having at: support@mixiedigital.com 

Otherwise, if you are certain, you may take this step in the settings section by clicking on the delete account button.

For Customers

How can I scan a Mixie Point?

To scan a Mixie Point you can either use the Mixie WebApp, a partner app, your native camera app or a specialized QR reading app. In our WebApp, open the Mixie Point reader, identified by a camera symbol, and place the code in the middle of the camera. Once you do this the system will recognize it, notify you and the point will appear in your document management area.

What happens when I scan a Mixie Point?

When you scan a Mixie Point you are establishing a professional relationship with the company providing the Mixie Point and showing your interest in the product, service or information the Mixie Point relates to. Once you scan a Mixie Point the information contained within it will appear in the form of a folder in your document management section. From there, you will be able to view, download and share the information. In turn the creator of the Mixie Point will receive your professional profile and can get in touch. For more information please view our Privacy Policy.

Can I access my Mixie Points from my computer?

Yes, the WebApp can also be accessed from your computer.

Am I going to fill up my device’s memory by using Mixie?

No! With Mixie you gain access to the documents attached to Mixie Points but they are only saved when you choose.

How can I delete my account?

Before you take this step we would kindly request you let us know if we could offer support to resolve any issues you might be having at: support@mixiedigital.com 

Otherwise, if you are certain, you may take this step through the settings section and clicking on the delete account button.